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EPRS Energy Inc.
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Secret to our success
    is Chemistry
Our Company has the best and most cost effective way to increase oil production in marginal oil wells.
It is environmentally safe and does not create an unsightly foot print, in fact it does not change the existing footprint, we treat the well and then leave it as we found it until the next treatment.
EPRS Energy Inc. ® Norman, OK 73069 - eprsenergy@gmail.com

Interested in learning more about our services?
The company will acquire or joint venture mature U.S. oil fields and will use our proprietary enhanced oil recovery technology to increase the recovery of the oil from those locations. Enhanced oil recovery technology has been used in America since the 1970s, and its' becoming even more important to the country as large companies have realized that it is a safe and profitable business model to increase profit economically.
Our process is a chemical process that has years of research behind it and successful field testing.
We are also interested in possible reverse mergers with small OTC companies that are looking for a new profit center and exit strategy.
We want joint venture partners to help us acquire leases with marginally producing oil wells. We will then use our technology to increase production and establish increased cash flow for the leases.