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EPRS Energy Inc.
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About EPRS Energy Inc.
​The company has the use of a proprietary chemical process that has been shown that it can increase oil pressure and production in marginal oil wells. 
The CEO, Charles T. (Chip) Whittier, has over 40 years business experience including; technology valuation, business management, financial management, international business, technology commercialization, IT consulting, aviation operations. He has an MBA in international business and managerial economics. 
The Director of Research and Development, R. C. Ropp, has over 55 years of research and technical experiences. He received his Ph.D.in Physical Chemistry from Rutgers University. His work included:VP of Research.-Enhanced Oil Recovery Services, Fergus,  Ontario, Canada and VP of Research-Petrex Corp. (EOR)  He is the inventor of our enhanced oil recovery process and was issued a patent on the main components that make our process probably the most economical and timely enhanced oil recovery process in the world. It is also probably the most environmentally friendly process. 
Consultant, Allen Apblet, PhD. He is a Chemistry Professor at Oklahoma State University and will work with us on our applications of this technology. He has extensive experience in the approaches we plan on pursuing with this technology.

EPRS Energy Inc. is pleased to announce that it has formed an exploratory committee to develop operational plans for using our technology to enter into joint ventures on an International scale. There are  many opportunities for the use of our proprietary enhanced oil process, particularly in this economic climate, and we have been explaining opportunities in the USA and overseas.