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EPRS Energy Inc.
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EPRS Energy Inc.
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Part of our work is to save orphaned technology that could be lost when the inventor passes away. We also are trying to joint venture with energy companies that have potentially good technology, but at this time have internal challenges which slow their rapid expansion into the markets.  We try to get technologies from inventors that believe their technology has potential if only someone would really look at it. Some may be patented (but never or minimally commercialized) some are trade secret or proprietary technology, but now could be lost forever. Orphaned technology is welcomed. We will  keep it proprietary while we try to determine how to help develop it. Send technology information to: eprsenergy@gmail.com.

If someone wants to help us save these technology they can donate to our "Save Technology Fund"  by donating financial help to us by donating as little as $5.00 and mail it to us. It will help us try to save the technologies which may be the technologies that help save the planet. Or setup a monthly payment. Thank you very much. We will be letting those that donate participate in an online discussion on those technologies, or ones they know about and want considered, when we have enough funds to start the program.