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EPRS Energy Inc.
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Business Description

EPRS Energy Co. Inc. is a developmental stage micro cap technology driven company formed in 2006 with our first technologies being in the oil and gas industry. We are based in Norman, Oklahoma. The Company’s stock may be traded in the future, but it is not presently. EPRS Energy initial technology commercialization project is using our enhanced oil recovery process to treat marginal oil wells. This technology was proven on over 45 wells over a 6 year period and they spent $3 million to prove it. The inventor obtained a patent on part of the technology and we believe we can get another patent based on recent discoveries regarding this technology. There are over 400,000 marginal oil wells in the USA alone. Even 1% (4,000 wells) would cash flow over $1,000,000 a month. We would start out treating property owner’s wells and acquire and/or joint venture oil producing properties for our own account as soon as we have the funds and the opportunities. We will only acquire properties with producing oil wells. Almost no risk as the properties we acquire will have cash flow which we can increase with our technology.


EPRS Energy’s Mission is to acquire and operate existing domestic, proven, producing, oil and gas production from existing producing fields. In most cases, an original developer of a domestic field recovers only five to fifteen percent of the total field reserves, called the original oil in place. By capitalizing on reserves which are still in the ground after primary recovery, EPRS can provide steady oil and gas production at a much lower cost per dollar expended than typical new exploration and drilling programs. EPRS Energy’s technology is both less expensive and timelier (takes less time to get increased production) than any other secondary or tertiary process on the market. It is proprietary unto EPRS Energy Inc. 

Recently this was run in Week in Review, published by Investing Daily:
New Technology Unlocks the Next Energy "Gold Rush"
What happens when a well goes dry? Used to be, oilmen shut it down and drilled another. But a brilliant new technology is unlocking huge pools of oil in "dried-up" wells. It's like ketchup in a bottle, except in this case there is NINE TIMES the amount left even after you can squeeze no more.

The Energy Information Administration says there's 60 billion barrels of oil to be squeezed out of these old wells. And this technology does it. At $100 a barrel, that's $6 TRILLION in oil. Whoever squeezes it out first will make a lot of money. Buffet’s in to the tune of $34 billion. Opportunities abound." The above article was published during early January 2014..

As a technology driven company, EPRS Energy has an on-going effort to license and/or develop disruptive technologies that will enhance oil and gas recovery. As such we have an on-going R & D program in utilizing our proprietary technology research in heavy oil, tar sands, and oil shale. It is anticipated that spending on domestic oil and gas technology will increase to minimize importation of oil. Proposed tax changes will minimize the tax deductions for exploratory oil and gas drilling. Most oil production in the continental USA comes from marginal oil wells which are operated by small to medium sized companies. Shale discoveries have made a recent difference, but even they will decrease in production over the next 5-10 years and will need our technology even sooner than other wells since they cost more to operate. 

BUSINESS PLAN/INVESTORS - Recent laws have made it easier for smaller companies to raise funds by letting them raise funds directly from investors, and we hope to excite investors with our rapid growth opportunities.